Join us for this Special Webinar...
"Create a Money Miracle"
Discover how prosperity is an inside job and what to do to naturally attract it!"
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Dates and Times:

Wed July 10th 09.00 pm Eastern/NY
Thurs July 11th 11.00 am Brisbane/Syd
Wed July 11th  1.00 pm New Zealand

Presented by Sandy Forster

Marvelous Money Manifestor and
Law of Attraction Expert.
Please be on time... these calls fill fast!

What You'll Discover On This Special Webinar
What you must do to become more magnetic to money now!
A simple secret which will instantly move you into a more prosperous vibration
How you can manifest your own money miracle
Plus... just for Registering for the Webinar you'll receive a FREE Powerful Manifesting Process to make you more magnetic to money!

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